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Playeasy Destination Pricing

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Sports ETA members receive a $1,000 discount for the Gold membership tier if purchased within 2022!!





All of Bronze, plus:

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SportsETA Members: $3,995

All of Silver, plus:

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If you need a w-9 or to pay via mailed check, please contact us at

Profile Comparisons of Bronze, Silver & Gold

Click the tabs below to see the differences between Bronze, Silver and Gold Profiles. 

Playeasy Bronze- profile

Bronze Profile

Provide details of what your destination offers, add images, and receive inbound messages

Playeasy Silver Profile

Silver Profile

All of Bronze, plus a custom venue marketplace and Threshold 360 tour integration

Playeasy Gold Profile

Gold Profile

All of silver, plus ability to create posts, an event portfolio of the events you've held and won, and analytics on who has viewed your profile

Access to the Network for Bronze, Silver & Gold 

Click the tabs below to see the different access you get to the network if you're Bronze, Silver or Gold. 

Bronze access playeasy profile

Bronze Access

Sorry, but you have to upgrade in order to get access to the network

Playeasy Profile - silver

Silver Access

You can search for RFP's, search for event organizers, receive hot leads and alerts when an RFP is a good fit, as well as like RFP's and message with event organizers

_gold access playeasy profile

Gold Access

You can do it all - including creating posts to the network that can let event organizers know when you have availability, new venues being built or renovated, new events held, etc. 

Marketplace Comparisons of Bronze, Silver and Gold

tiers on marketplace

Gold Destinations are the first listings shown, then Silver, and Bronze are listed last

tiers on marketplace

Silver Listing

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tiers on marketplace

Gold Listing

State Association Pages

Market your state's  Destinations and Venues, and provide Event Organizers with the premium resource to discover everything your state has to offer. 

  • Custom Built Landing Page
  • State Venue Marketplace
  • State Destination Marketplace
  • Featured on Home Screen
  • Featured on Destination Search Screen
  • White Glove service for onboarding your entire state
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Playeasy has quickly become the Gold Standard as a technology partner for the sports events tourism industry and we will continue to upgrade our mutual product offerings.

Al Kidd
President & CEO of Sports ETA

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