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Accept every payment quickly, easily and securely.



Save time with Hassle-Free, Automatic Payments

Safe & Secure Payments

We have integrated with Stripe, whose software provides industry-leading security & reliability.  Get the peace of mind that comes with managing all of your transactions in one place—it’s fast, seamless and secure.

Track all of your payments

Track your pending & received payments through your payment dashboard.  Downloadable invoices for every transaction.

24/7 Support

We notify you when transactions are processed. We are here to help every step of the way.

PCI Compliant

We take on the burden of staying PCI compliant—no checklists, audits, or assessments.


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Save valuable time

Our software integration with Stripe, a global payment processing provider, allows you to manage your billing process and accept payments from your renters directly through Playeasy.


Invoiced. Paid. Automatic.

Our billing and payments software streamline your revenue management and allow you to automate many of the most time-consuming logistics of renting your space.


No more chasing down payments

Avoid the headache of worrying whether or not one-time visitors will remember to pay their invoice at the end of the month. Collect their payment immediately, instead!  Playeasy will send out reminders to you and your renters, ensuring you receive all of your payments on time.


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