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The Playeasy Rental Flow

It’s easy for renters to book, easy for employees to manage, and lets you accept payments online.

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Centralize your rental process

Whether you have an existing customer, or receive requests directly from Playeasy, get the information you need upfront through the Playeasy flow.

Keep your customers happy

Offer a seamless digital experience across multiple locations to help give your customers an easy-to-use & consistent booking experience.

Get notified instantly

Receive push notifications when renters submit a new event or send a message through the platform.  Respond with the tap of a button.

Save time

Minimize calls, emails, and miscommunication by receiving the information you need upfront & in one place.  

You're in control!

Whether you are able to host the event, or you need to pass on the request, we make it easy for you to say no. Only host events that work for you, and remove an event instantly from your pipeline with the click of a button.

Get Started
Get started

Add the Playeasy Smart Button to your website today

Minimize calls & emails by sending all your customers through the Playeasy Flow by adding a customized button today.

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