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Connecting Playeasy to your website just got easier. Playeasy’s new cutting-edge website widgets effortlessly showcase your content directly on your website with just a few lines of custom code. Say goodbye to manual updates as your website automatically reflects changes made on Playeasy.

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What content can you connect?

We’ve got you covered! Choose to sync your Playeasy Events, Facilities, Local Business Partners, or Local Business Promotions – or integrate them all! Whether you prefer a single content type, a combination, or everything at once, our tools offer the flexibility to suit your needs.






Save time with Playeasy's Website Widget

Save time & resources by avoiding ongoing website development. Skip the effort of creating separate event & facility directories on your website—simply sync your Playeasy content, ensuring future updates in just one location.

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Increase your organic reach across search engines

Embedding Playeasy content on your website only improves your website's SEO rankings & drives more views to your Playeasy pages. Gain insights into your Playeasy page views & the source of those views through real-time analytics.


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How it works

Connect your website with a few quick steps:


Choose which content to embed to your site


Plug in just a few lines of custom code


Automatic updates with zero effort

Trusted by the best in the Industry

“We are a destination that has great potential with the sporting venues our city has, as well as the new development in our downtown districts. The platform that Playeasy provides is one of the top ways for us to promote our events & city to people & organizations who would likely not have found us. We have had events blossom in ways we never could have dreamed of & a lot of that success must be given to Playeasy.”
Robert Anders
City of Brownwood Sports Coordinator
“Playeasy gives Visit Kansas City Kansas an easy, effective tool to promote our entire community to the sports audience. This will be key in directing visitors where to go in our area for any nearby events."
Mindy Lallier
Visit Kansas City Kansas

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