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Sporting Event Organizers use Playeasy to find and book Destinations and Venues across the country. Get your Destination noticed by Event Organizers the moment they're ready to do business. 

With 2,100+ active users, 490+ Destination profiles and 15,000+ Sports Venue profiles - we'll help your Destination stand out from the crowd to drive impressions, clicks and inbound leads. 

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Multiple ways to get discovered across the Playeasy Network. 

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In-App Ad Placements

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Home Screen Banner: Custom Banner Across Top of Home Screen

Stay top-of-mind and feature your Destination on Playeasy. Place your Destination’s image as the background image on the most noticeable section of the website.

Average Impressions: 8.3K /month

Available Unit: 1 /month

Cost: 1 Month:  $2,500 | 3 Months: $6,000 ($2,000 /month)

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Ad Placements: My Account Screen

Get discovered with an exclusive ad on the My Account Page – the first-page logged-in users see.

Average Impressions: 366 Engaged Event Organizer Impressions/month | 3'18" Average Time on Page

Available Unit: 1/month

Cost: 1 Month:  $1,000 | 3 Months: $2,225 ($750 /month)

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Ad Placements: Messages Screen

Get noticed with an exclusive ad on the Messages Page – all users are directed to this page when receiving and responding to messages.

Average Impressions: 147 Engaged Event Organizer Impressions/month | 3'18" Average Time on Page

Available Unit: 1/month

Cost: 1 Month:  $1,000 | 3 Months: $2,225 ($750 /month)


Ad Placements: Notifications Screen

Get more eyes with an exclusive ad on The Notifications Page – All users are directed to this page when they receive any activity through the platform.

Average Impressions: 211 Engaged Event Organizer Impressions/month | 2'12" Average Time on Page

Available Unit: 1/month

Cost: 1 Month:  $1,000 | 3 Months: $2,225 ($750 /month)


Featured Destination Listings: Home Screen

Generate awareness as a featured Destination on the Playeasy Home Screen.

Average Impressions: 8.3k Average Impressions/month

Available Unit: 4/month

Cost: 1 Month:  $500 | 3 Months: $1,200 ($400 /month)


Featured Destination Listings: RFP Creation Flow

Score possible new business with Event Organizers the moment they create Destination RFPs to find new event locations with a link directly to your Profile.

Average Impressions: 100+ Event Organizer Impressions/month

Available Unit: 4/month

Cost: 1 Month:  $500 | 3 Months: $1,200 ($400 /month)


Featured Destination Listings: Marketed Event Creation Flow

Get your brand out there to Event Organizers as they market their Events on Playeasy with a link directly to your Profile.

Average Impressions: 300+ Event Organizer Impressions /month

Available Unit: 4 /month

Cost: 1 Month:  $500 | 3 Months: $1,200 ($400 /month)


Spotlight Articles: Playeasy Spotlights

Our content creation team will interview you and create a custom article highlighting your Destination and the fresh content you’d like to be seen. 


  • Custom, detailed article to showcase your organization
  • Homepage placement for 1 month
  • Custom social media feature across all Playeasy socials (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Average Impressions: Playeasy: 8.3k | Social Media: 10k | Average Views: 225 | Average Duration: 7'42"

Available Unit: 4 month

Cost: $1,500/spotlight

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Social Media Feature: Feature of the Week

Your Destination will be the Featured Destination of the week on our Social Media Accounts (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).

  • 3 carousel posts throughout the week (up to 10 photos each or a video) showcasing your Destination
  • The first link in our Linktree leads to your profile page
  • Your Destination will be tagged as a collaborator on the post
  • 3 posts throughout the week (1 photo or 1 video per post) showcasing your Destination
  • The post will have a link to your Destination Profile
  • 1 Tweet each day M-F of your Destination's Featured Week
  • Tweets will include a link to your Destination Profile
  • 1 post on the week of your feature about your Destination
  • The post will include a custom gallery image of all venues throughout your Destination that will be shared for your use as well
  • The post will have a link to your Destination Profile

Expected Impressions: 10k

Available Unit: 4/month

Cost: 1 Campaign:  $500 | 5 Campaigns: $2,000 ($400 /campaign)

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“Playeasy has helped us grow our business at Twin Cities Gateway, as well as improve how we collaborate with our facility partners by allowing us to co-manage our venues and share leads through the platform. We've also had tremendous service with the team - I enjoy working with Playeasy’s staff that know my wants and needs and have set me up for success in bringing events into my area with our strong partnership. They finished building out every single venue we offer at Twin Cities Gateway within a week. I was fully trained and on-boarded with a complete profile in a matter of days, you can’t beat that!” 

- Al Stauffacher, Twin Cities Gateway


Playeasy has really helped the NCTTA connect with other CVB's and Sport Commissions that we wouldn't have been able to connect with otherwise. It is a game changer for us.” 

- Willy Leparulo, President NCTTA


“Playeasy has quickly become the Gold Standard as a technology partner for the sports events tourism industry & we will continue to upgrade our mutual product offerings.” 

- Al Kidd, President & CEO Sports ETA


“Visit South Bend Mishawaka is a HUGE fan of Playeasy. Everything from their platform to their professional team members, everything is top notch. They have a detailed platform that allows event organizers to find venues in regions they are interested in. I have already received numerous RFPs and have had quality conversation that have stemmed from Playeasy. Every CVB/DMO should have their facilities listed on Playeasy because it is the way of the future.” 

- Nick Kleva, Visit South Bend

 "We're a small team and sports isn't our top focus, however we do want to pursue the right sporting events to bring to the Cape. Getting ourselves noticed as a sports destination and finding the right event opportunities has always been a challenge. Playeasy has helped tremendously with marketing Cape Cod as a sports destination and showcasing all of our great sports venues, as well as alerts us instantly anytime there is a potential sporting event opportunity that would be a good fit for us. It's exactly what we needed and is like an automated sports sales and marketing rep on our team!"

- Patti Lloyd, Visit Cape Cod


“At Sports Salt Lake we wanted to find an efficient way to market our Destination and connect with event organizers all year at an affordable price. With Playeasy we finally have that solution. Playeasy has created a marketing platform that showcases our destination and venues 24/7/365, and their integration with Threshold 360 allows event organizers to now tour our sports venues virtually. This has resulted in over 50 new sporting events leads for Salt Lake since joining the platform a few months ago.” 

- Clay Partain, Sports Salt Lake

“At Visit Tucson Sports, we are a team of 2 looking for a solution to make our lives easier. Well good news, Playeasy has done just that! Playeasy has been the virtual sales rep we have been looking for! Every time there is a potential sporting event near Tucson, we receive instant alerts AND we can interact with Event Organizers straight from the platform. We’ve received over 50+ RFPS in the past few months and grew our business with just a click of a button. Does it get any easier than that?”

- Visit Tucson

 "The Round Rock CVB are big fans of Playeasy! I love how easy it is to use and how their team got me completely set-up without needing to do any work. We've received a lot of RFPs from a wide variety of sporting event organizers, and their platform makes it so convenient to stay connected with the industry year-round." 

- Nancy Yawn, Go Round Rock

 “We are a relatively new event organization. In order to expand and to find new locations to host our events, getting in touch with Destinations was important. Playeasy saved us a ton of time. After we posted our Events, we’ve already scheduled 4 meetings with destinations in less than a week.” 

- Arion Herbert, PlayMARSports

 “Playeasy has done an outstanding job with their customer service at Go Great Lakes Bay. The staff properly trains you through an onboarding call, they build out every single venue your destination offers, and they answer any questions as soon as possible. Working with this team has been an absolute pleasure.” 

- Ann Bruzewiski, Go Great Lakes Bay

 "Playeasy has given us the opportunity to connect with more event owners weekly, if not daily. The ease of promoting our destination and reaching out to the event owners provides a great opportunity in bringing more sports events to Snohomish County, Washington in the future. We have secured four new sports events through the RFPs we received. Snohomish County Sports Commission loves Playeasy!"

- Tammy Dunn, Snohomish County Sports Commission

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