Playeasy's Live Hotel Booking & Rebates

Revolutionizing event hotel bookings & rebates

Provide your participants with a hotel booking experience they love, earn more hotel revenue on each of your events & do it all with just a single click of a button!

What is Playeasy's live rate hotel solution?

Playeasy now powers live hotel bookings from over 40 of the most popular online booking engines, GDS systems, and exclusive discounted rates that aren’t available to the public. Playeasy will automatically show the lowest rate available across all of these platforms to allow visitors to book hotels with the lowest prices on your Playeasy event pages. 

Rebate Program

Why you should utilize Playeasy’s Live Hotel Booking

Seamless event & hotel set-up

Set-up hotels with a single click of a button, no hotel contracts or negotiations needed.

Ideal booking experience

Give you participants options, the lowest rates, and ability to earn points on their rewards programs.

More hotel income with less risk

No expiration or attrition risk, earn money on every room night all the way up to the day of the event.

Plays nice with room-blocks

Automate the timing of when your room blocks switch to live-rates so you can capture the late bookers.

Hassle-free maintenance

Once you set-it, you can forget-it! There's no additional work or support needed.

Automated booking reports

Automatically track every room and reservation booked, and easily share with your destination partners.

Here's how easy it is to get started

1. Create an Event Page & Enable Hotels 

Create an event micros-site page on Playeasy, and simply just enable live hotel rates. You can also create hotel-specials to market your room blocks or specific hotels that can switch to live-rates at a certain date.  

2. Hotel live-rates are added to event 

When you enable live rates, Playeasy will automatically pull the closest hotels with the lowest rates found across the internet for your participants to book. If you tag a destination it will only use that destination’s hotels.  

3. Share link with participants to book 

You can simply just share the link to the hotels tab of your event page with your participants. Let them know you helped provide them the lowest rates with all of the options nearby and they can earn points on their rewards programs! 

4. Track every room night booked on your events 

Playeasy automatically tracks every reservation and room night booked. You can easily share this report with your destination partners as well by simply tagging them on the event.  

5. Get paid every month by Playeasy

Once you’re set-up as a hotel partner, Playeasy will send you a check or ACH for the amount you’re owed every month for the room nights booked on your events.  

Easy Set-up & Hotel Booking Experience 

Create event-based hotel booking experiences that your participants want with just a click of a button.  

EO Event & Hotels

Works with your room block cut-off dates 

You can market any room-blocks first, and have live rates automatically switch on once the room-block cut-off date hits.

Event Hotel Settings

Track Every Booking & Room Night 

Automatically track the exact number of reservations and room nights booked across all of your events in real-time 

EO Profile and Event Hotel Pickup Reports

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